Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Time No See!!!

So I have been so terrible about keeping in touch with the outside world.So much has been going on! I was reading Teri's blog about our fabulous vacation and realized in just a few short weeks, it will be exactly 1 year since I have blogged. Wow! Time sure flys. So to bring everyone up to speed (or to those who haven't deleted me since i have been missing in action), Keith and I moved from Las Vegas in July (sniff sniff). We moved to Oklahoma for a position Keith took with the Chicasaw Nation. Keith had been consulting for the nation for a year prior to our move and it just go to be too much with all the traveling so together we made the decision to move. I was not real happy about moving there for reasons that should be pretty much obvious. But as the supporting wife, I made the big move. I also started working for the company and really loved my job. I made some great friends there and felt a little more at ease with the decision (lets not get carried away though). After 4 short months in Oklahoma, Keith got a great opportunity in Denver, Co for a big casino company that has multiple properties accross the US. The opportunity came out of nowhere and was completely unexpected. We knew overall, this would be better for us and our future. I couldn't have been happier. Close to Lovell and close to Teri. Life was certainly turning around. So here I was again, packing up an entire house. Let me tell you, when you have moved as much as we have in a short amount of time, you begin to realize how much stuff you really DO NOT NEED! I have to say I was sad to leave my job and the friends I had managed to connect with in such a short time, but no one had to tell me twice to get packed. 4 months in Oklahoma was enough for me! Especially since we were leaving before tornado season! Good riddance!
Now we are happy in Denver. We have found a great home and although I miss Las Vegas, I finally feel like we can start building a family here. I will be sure to post pics soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in the Real World

Keith and I just had the pleasure of spending the last two weeks in a tiny town in Oklahoma. Keith was there for work and so I decided to tag along so I wasn't with out him for two weeks. Let me tell you, it was a struggle! Just to give you an idea for all of you out there, the town we were in makes Deaver, Wyo look like a metroplolis. We get to our hotel and at first glance, it wasn't that bad. We walk in (us and two others) and we get the look of death from the front desk. They were so rude to us. I kindly asked if there was a work out facility in the hotel. The lady's response, "We have a treadmill, but it doesn't work." Hmmm... so the conlusion I came to was that there really wasn't a work out facility. Simple enough. While waiting, since were weren't aloud to check in till 3 (mind you we are in the middle of nowhere so I am sure checking in early wasn't a serious issue) Keith used the restroom. He comes out a little confused. His colleague, Skippy, went in after him. By his name, you could guess that he is a character. The funniest guy ever. He comes out and informs the rest of us that there are no paper towl dispensers, but simply a wash cloth, JUST ONE, that is to be used to wipe your hands. I am sure I don't need to go into detail on how disgusting that is. How many people used that? Sick! Moving on. So we get to our room, not too bad. I was beginning to think things were looking up. I glance down at my cell phone and it reads, NO Service. Perfect! I turn on the TV and I flip through C-span, Fox News, MSNBC news and then I get to five out of order channels and appear to be where I began. Awesome! I turn on the computer and apparently the hotel has a net nanny so I was unable to get to any site worth spending time on. How could it possibly get any worse!? Just as I said this, the microwave starting freaking out, beeping uncontrollably. I unpluged it and pluged it back in and to no avail, it did it again. I am beginning to think this is the Norman Bates hotel. I joked with Keith that I was going to jump out of the window to put myself out of my misery. I go to open it and it opens an inch. Everything was out of my hands. I felt so out of touch with reality that I couldn't take it. To top it off, through the course of the two weeks, we had to practiclly beg housekeeping to clean our rooms.
The two weeks sort of flew by despite all the wonderful entertainment. It was nice to be home and made me really thankful for civilization. If anyone is looking to spend two weeks of vacation, call me. I know this great hotel :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Wedding

Over the weekend Keith and I attended our friend's wedding. I am a sucker for weddings. It brought back some cool memories since our wasn't that long ago. Keith was in the wedding so it was nice to see him in a tux again:) Apparently all of Keith's friends go for the young girls :) Keith and I are 11 years apart, but Brian and Lindsey take the cake with a 17 year age difference. Its so wonderful to see them together. They truly love eachother. Age definitely has no boundries. It was pretty funny during the ceremony, the minister was talking to Lindsey, "Now, Lindsey, you have your whole life ahead of you. Great opportunites..." When it came time for her to talk to Brian... SHE DIDN'T! I couldn't help but laugh. Of course after the wedding my hubby and their friend Kevin had to give Brian a hard time. Acting as if they were the minister, "Brian, you on the other hand, will get a great deal at the mortuary." It was so funny! Other than that, the whole event went well. Her dress was beautiful and we had a a great time. It was nice to relax because we both have been gone so much. Oklahoma, then we went to California, then I went to Wyoming, then we go back to Oklahoma tomorrow till the end of March then back to California a week later. WOW! We need to stay home!

Chris, Keith, Brian, and Kevin

Myself and Tracy. Her husband is Chris in the above pic. We knew no one so we were Bff's for the entire event

Lindsey and her dad. He was the coolest guy ever!

They make such a cute couple.

Whats a wedding with out the "Cha Cha Slide" haha

Clearly I was crazy by the end of the night

Friday, February 6, 2009

P90X: Fact or Myth

This blog is in response to Miss Dana's blog. If unaware, visit her blog and read February 1st post.
I am sure everyone complains about this little 5 or 10 or heck, even 20 lbs that we want to lose. Its the same excess weight that we all have talked about losing for a while now. If this does not apply to you and you have no excess weight, stop reading now and eat a sandwich or two! If this applies, read on. I am a victim of this horrible dilema. Here is my dilema. I have wanted to lose the same 10lbs for ever! However, I love food. Not just food in general but the yummy food that is not good for you. Taco Bell, McDonalds, Teri's cooking. You get the point. How many of you are guilty of the new years resolution of going faithfully to the gym? If you are addicted to working out, stop reading and get a new freakin hobby! If your not and are lazy like myself, continue. I too fell victim to this New Years Resolution hype. Then one day it came to me! Keith presented me with the P90X.

It did not come to me in the informercial form such as Dana. However i have seen them and I am even now more convinced then I was before. How many of you have seen informercials for stuff like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. They have some overweight person, in a tiny swimming suit that is clearly 5 sizes to small for their body, they are not smiling and seem to be in bad light. "Nutri system changed my life." Suddenly there are tan, have new teeth and the light is perfect. Ever seen this? Ever read the "Results not Typical" at the bottom in the tinest print possible? yeah, me too! The P90X is pretty interesting. This work out routine is done strictly from home and extremely intense. Their infomercial does not contain the "Results not Typical" After seeing some of Keith's friends that have done the 90 day program, I am serisouly convinced. This works! Keith and I purchased it and begin on Monday. I am a little nervous because it is so strict, but I am so excited to see how we will look at the end! If it doesn't work then this may be me in a few years hahah!

I would be the human umbrella by the way!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Woman with Two White Shoes??

This morning I decided to make it to the gym. Keith and I got ready and headed over. I went to work out in the woman's gym while Keith headed upstairs. I hopped on the treadmill and about two minutes into my work out, I felt something a little funny on my left foot. Not thinking much of it and convinced it was my mind telling me that I needed to go home and be lazy, I ignored it. As I continued to run, I felt as if I was running lopsided. I happen to look down at my feet and what do I see: THIS!

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Clearly one shoe is an athletic shoe and the other is just an old shoe that serves no purpose at all. How did I not notice this? I tied my shoes and got out of the house without being aware that I was wearing two completely different shoes. At this point, I was pretty embarassed. Not that anyone stares at your feet, but this was a little hard to miss. As I finished up my work out, I met up with Keith and notified him of what was on my feet. Do you know what he said?? "I noticed that when we were leaving the house and also when we were walking in to the gym, I just thought you were into a new fad you read in one of your magazines." I do have a subscription to US weekly, but has anyone ever heard of two different pairs of shoes being a fad? I could have died laughing that for one, I went out of the house looking like this and for two, Keith honestly believed I did this on purpose. Sweetie, I have lots to teach you about style and clearly someone needs to teach me how to dress myself!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks alot Dad and Keith

Keith got me a new knife set for Christmas. I was so excited because I was tired of having to strain through cutting cheese and bread. The minute I unwrapped the gift, Keith told me that I was going to cut myself. I don't blame him for saying it because I am sort of clumsy and tend to hurt myself all the time. Upon unwrapping the present, my dad called. I told him what Keith had got me and then my dad too said, I was going to cut myself. Am I missing something? I didn't realize I was that much of a hazzard in the kitchen. I thanked my dad for the confidence in me and I hung up. After that, I left the knives in the box and left them in the living room. Scared to touch them or even to look at them for fear I was going to slice my finger off. I continued to use my old, dull knives until one day I built up enough courage to use them. A bell pepper was sitting on the counter awaiting my arrival. I tackled that bell pepper and showed it who was boss with the new, ever so sharp knife. Until..... SLICE!!! Right through my middle!!! As I was standing there bleeding, I debated if I should even tell Keith I cut myself. Forget it, I needed help, I was about to lose my finger hahaha. Of course, Keith laughed at me (all in fun) then bandaged me up. He finished cutting the veggies. I was too scared. My next step was to call my dad and notify him of the situation. I said that he and Keith both cursed me and I will forever be scared to use the knives. Thanks alot fellas.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Christmas Caper Part II Quest for the Jewlery Box

So what I neglected to tell everyone was after I had proven my husband wrong about the where abouts of the infamous jewlery box, we were informed by the good ol' target personel that they were out of the one I wanted on top of all the others that were displayed. I asked him if there was another Target close by that had one. His reply: NO. I was a little upset that I had went to all this trouble, but what is that word to describe what just happened... Oh yeah... KARMA. I had given Keith such a hard time that I was now being punished. We checked another Target close to our house and they also didn't have one. For the next week, it turned into a conquest! I was bound and determined. It wasn't even about finding a home for my wonderdul Claire and Icing purchases, oh no, it was war! Target vs The Ball's. (gotta love our last name) Keith was even on board. Everytime we past a Target, it was impossible to just drive by with out going in. One day, we got lucky. I found it! It was glowing on the shelf. So beautiful in all its glory. It wasn't the original one I picked out and no longer on sale, but still mine to keep. We get the last one. We get it home, pull it out of the box and it looked to be already essembled and ready to go. Till we saw that the top where the mirror sits was not attached. The hinges in a small bag and the screws were the size of a fingernail. Guess who volunteered himself for the job? Keith! No excitement however. After much consideration as to what microscopic screwdriver it would take to screw these things in and after a few attempts, Keith cursed out Target for making the impossible impossible. I ended up laying the top on with out the hinges in place, found a home for all of my cheap jwelery and called it a day!